ADSJ Officers and Directors 
President - Dr. Gerard C. Penta
Vice President - Henry J. Williams
Treasurer - Susan Hamil
Secretary - Carl G. Liepmann

ADSJ Directory of Telephone, Fax and
Email for Directors and Members with Appointments
Director Responsibilities Phone Fax Email
Loraine Boutwell Mid-year Meeting Coordinator, DQ Booklet
Web Master Liaison

(480) 991-0216

Kenneth Buxton Chair, Finance Committee.
Travel Coordinator

(281) 360-9751 (281)360-9751
Whitney J. Coombs Finance Committee (717) 359-9459 (717)637-4780
Robert Ennis Director of Education
Member, Audit Committee
(716) 823-3039 NA
Susan LaCroix Hamil Treasurer, Chair, Bulletin Board Committee
Member, Social Fundraising Committee
(949) 494-9506 (949) 4945486
Carl G. Liepmann

Member, ADSJ Benefits and Products Committee, AKC Liaison Committee,
Corporate Fund Raising Committee,
Insurance Coordiantor

(810) 639-7075 (810)639-7075
Dr. Gerard Penta Chair, Social Fundraising Committee
Editor, The Voice
Chair, AKC Liaison Comm.
Chair, Corporate Fund Raising Committee
Key To Movement DVD
(724) 834-3744 (724)850-9998
Henry J. Williams Chair, ADSJ Benefits and Products Committee, Seniority Recognition Pin
(360 891-6904 N/A
Member Appointments Phone Fax Email
Gay Dunlap Website Manager (760)345-1757 N/A
Dr. Steve Herman Legal Advisory Committee (352)521-0920 (813)783-7405
David Jay Hyman Chair, Legal Advisory Committee (301)831-5554 N/A
Dr. Gail Knapp Parliamentarian (810)736-3288 (810)762-5670
John L. Ronald Audit Committee Chair (301)487-3931 (301)487-3931
Michael Sosne Recruitment Coordinator (586)292-1545 N/A
Tom Ward Legal Advisory Comm. (410)532-9273 (410)685-6704
Lisa Warren Assoc. Editor, The Voice  (610)289-0079 (610)289-2474
Alice Brock Website Committee (770)297-7772 (770)
Valerie Hamilton Website Committee (931)359-1337 N/A
Cindy Partridge Website Committee (703)794-1417 (301)718-5527
Pam Wilson Website Committee (512)280-3103 N/A
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