Member Benefits
ADSJ Dues and Payment
    There are three types of memberships:

      Voting Membership
      Open to all AKC approved Judges in good standing with the American Kennel Club.

      Honorary Life Membership
      Upon the majority vote of the Board, Honorary Life Membership shall be given to members who retire from the judging profession with at least twenty years of service as an AKC approved judge. Honorary Life Members may not vote or hold office, but they are entitled to all of the other rights and privileges of membership.  Candidates must have been ADSJ Members for at least ten years.

      Associate Membership
      Open to foreign judges. The judge applying must be recommended by an ADSJ member and their application must be approved by the Board. Dues shall remain the same as a Voting Membership, however, this is a non-voting membership. (Created by action of the Board on February 11, 1996).

    Current membership stands at 725.

    Interested and qualified judges may download our
    Application in .pdf form

    **(download Adobe Reader - free)

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