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ADSJ Advanced Institute

Since its inception in 1995, the ADSJ Advanced Institute has been held in August of each year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The reception this distinctive weeklong program has received has been phenomenal. Each year the program has grown and improved.  IUP, the site of the Institute, is located in the town of Indiana, Pennsylvania, approximately 40 miles east/northeast of Pittsburgh.
For decades there has been a need for a program of breed-specific presentations organized along group lines and held during the week. That is, a program which would accommodate the educational needs of group judges while remaining cognizant of their busy weekend schedules. Such a program had to be economical, cover approximately half of the breeds in each group, and maintain the highest standards of quality. It could skip the basics on the assumption that an experienced judge has already acquired such knowledge through some combination of attendance at a basic institute, independent study and personal experience.

The ADSJ Advanced Institute has met this long-standing need in an exemplary fashion. Compared to the cost of traveling about the county to gather an equal number of breed presentations, the ADSJ program is an incredible bargain. Each year the Institute covers half of the breeds in every group, so that all breeds are offered at least once in every two-year cycle.

We work closely with parent clubs and recognized breed experts to provide the most knowledgeable presenters and to assure the same quality presentations and content as is available through the best parent club seminars. As a suggested guide for preparation, a presentation outline covering the breed information most sought after by judges is sent to all presenters. Excellent examples of each breed are also available for the hands-on portion of the morning classroom presentations.

Supplementary study material from parent clubs and presenters is placed in the group course binders and distributed to registrants at check-in. Breed DVDs are also available throughout the week for group and individual viewing.

After an abundant and relaxing lunch, a class of show dogs is presented in each breed ring for the judging and critiquing practice sessions and follow-up discussions. This blend of independent study, class presentations and examinations, reinforced with same-day workshops featuring judging and critiquing practice is a very unique aspect of this program and helps to merge knowledge with an ability to judiciously apply breed priorities.

To enhance the quality of the experience and the involvement of each participant, the number of judges admitted to each group class will be strictly limited.

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