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ADSJ Advanced Institute

Since its inception in 1995, the ADSJ Advanced Institute was held in August of each year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, until 2014. The reception this distinctive week-long program received was phenomenal. Recognized for its high quality and unique format, the Institute quickly became the model for judges’ education throughout the country. A past AKC Assistant Vice-President, Darrell Hayes, on more than one occasion, described the ADSJ Advanced Institute as “the best program of its kind in the country.” Former AKC Director of Judging Operations, Peter Gaeta, called it the “gold standard” of judges’ education.   

For a variety of reasons, the Dog Judges Educational Foundation, which designed, implemented and administered the Institute, decided to take 2014 to reconsider the offering of a week-long program at IUP and to explore other options and venues. 

In 2015 a new program was introduced by the DJEF which focuses on half of the breeds in two groups. While this reduced scope makes the program much more manageable and affordable, the program maintains the same high standards for which the ADSJ Advanced Institute has become known. This new program is offered in March in conjunction with the Kentuckiana Cluster of Shows in Louisville, Kentucky. 

The administration of the Institute has been turned over to a new Institute Director, Mr. Robert Ennis. Bob has also been appointed as the new ADSJ Director of Education.  While no longer running the day-to-day management of the Institute, the DJEF remains in a supporting role handling registrations, assisting with some of the behind the scenes work and funding certain aspects of the program.

Please see “2016 Advanced Institute” for details of our next program.
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